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Custom California Wheel is a California wheel company dedicated to making the most unique, innovative and technologically advanced wheels in the marketplace. Custom California Wheel makes skateboard and longboard wheels, as well as complete boards. Custom California Wheel has placed in numerous competitions, including wins at the Kongsberg Downhill and the Miami Ultraskate. The high performance aspects of the wheels have been scientifically tested against the top wheels in the industry. Speed and longevity advantages were found, registering 15% and 20% gains respectively. Skateboarding/Longboarding remains Custom California Wheel’s core market, although many licensing deals are already underway. Expect to see Custom California Wheels soon on roller skates, scooters, tricycles, and nearly any market you can imagine with wheels.

David M. Patrick (the inventor of the Custom California Wheel) works with Pedro Valdez (world renown Hollywood mold maker-Spiderman, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc) to come up with the latest Custom California Wheel innovations. In the offices upstairs, Zack Fleishman (Chief Operating Officer) and George Wong are hard at work laying the foundation for Custom California Wheel’s vision. Chris Patrick heads up international sales, Andy Marin is the artistic director, and Gary Fleishman serves as CEO overseeing the company.

David M. Patrick discovered the Custom California Wheel in his attempt to solve a major scientific principle. He built a physical model from the math his theory predicted and ended up with what has become labeled the Custom California Wheel. David found that Nature chooses alternating movements as its most efficient form of motion. This can be found in how sharks and fish swim, snakes slither, planets orbit, and even how humans and animals walk with an alternating gait.

Once he realized the significant advantages of the wheel, a team was assembled, a patent was obtained, and Custom California Wheel was born. David reinvented the wheel. Literally.

Feature articles in the Los Angeles Business Journal, The Huffington Post, Popular Science, The Atlantic, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, The International Business Times, as well as a full segment on The Discovery Channel were quick to point out history had been made. The Custom California Wheel was the reinvention of the traditional wheel.

The Custom California Wheel can be used for almost any application that uses a wheel. We plan to move into a full spectrum of markets where the Custom California Wheel could increase efficiency, roll faster, and maneuver through uneven surfaces. David’s passion for skateboarding led to the Custom California Wheel becoming a skateboard wheel and is a perfect application for the design advantages to be showcased.

After multiple prototypes and extensive testing, Custom California Wheel launched a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the Custom California Wheel to market. We have received an enormous amount of interest all around the world and the skateboarding epicenter in Southern California. The Custom California Wheel team grew up in the California skate and surf culture. We love the Custom California Wheel and know that you will love them too!