The Best Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Longboard skateboard decks often have wider trucks  than skateboards, as this allows them to turn more quickly … Because longboard decks are generally, although not always, longer than a skateboard, the turning radius would be compromised by narrow trucks. That being said, even shorter longboard decks are equipped with wider trucks, as longboard decks are intended for traveling, as opposed to doing aerial tricks.


Custom Longboard Trucks
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Free Soul Reverse Kingpin Trucks for longboards. Works on any type of longboard. 180mm 10″ axle to axle. Double barrel bushings 90a. Available colors: Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Red


Another aspect of longboards closely related to board length is the wheelbase. The wheelbase is the measurement between the front and back wheels, and can give a user a good indication of the size of the board. The wheelbase differs from the board length because it is not directly proportional. This is because the wheelbase is determined by the placement of the trucks. If the trucks are further apart, the board will be “loose” and won’t have a tight turning radius; conversely, if the trucks are close together, the board will be “tight” which will enable easy turning and maneuvering. Like board length though, the “tightness” of the board can either be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the riding style of the user.


The main quality sign of a longboard is actually not the length, but rather IT’S THE LONGBOARD WHEELS. Specifically, our custom longboard wheels are smoother and more advanced than the average longboard wheels. Their amazing shape allows them to travel more quickly and smoothly than average skateboard wheels, while also allowing them to roll over obstacles. This is what makes our wheels better suited for rough terrain & uneven surfaces, whereas skateboards and shortboards are better suited for the smooth surfaces found in skate parks.




SIDEWINDER FORMULA 78A Offers a superior smooth ride. Very fast with excellent grip and control. Awesome over rough terrain. Shark Wheels are made in California, USA

ABEC 7 Bearings

ABEC 7 High Performance bearings. In red or black casing.